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W h i t e    V e i l    F i l m s


Our relationships create moments that are unique to us; moments that will never be had in quite the same way, by anyone else.
The shared inside jokes and the memories of ‘that one time’. The glances and the subtle gestures only you understand. The places you travelled and grew together.  

Through our wedding films, we capture more than just your day. We capture you at this point in your journey together, celebrating all of the experiences you’ve shared so far, and looking towards the exciting and adventurous future that you’re about to embark upon; and we do it all in a way that is unique to you and your celebration. 

We tell wedding stories that are personal to you.

We film the day naturally and with authenticity, whilst being unobtrusive so as to capture you, your family and your friends, as they enjoy your celebration and the real atmosphere of the day. 

Watching for those special moments that would otherwise be forgotten; a momentary embrace, a fleeting laugh, a joyous tear - We like to film in unusual ways, that tell emotional stories true to your day - to us, it is not just another wedding film. We treat your story with passion and strive for the end result to be something that tugs at our own emotional core. Your wedding is exciting to us. 

We like to chat with you before the day and get to know you, to learn about your relationship and you as a couple. We can discuss the day, your plans and the venue, and share ideas for your film.

If we sound right for you and you’d like to meet us, then click here to get in touch. We look forward to meeting you! 

To see more of our films, click here. For packages, click here.



W H I T E            V E I L

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